Golf Coaching Tips

Vincent Brown PGA Professional and Logos Golf Ministries Scotland Ambassador on the Tartan Tour shares some tips he recommends that will improve your golf game.

Golf Coaching Tip Short Game “50 yards in”

Tip: “Prevent tentative pitching; Backswing shorter than follow through to ensure a positive strike and distance control.”

Golf Coaching Tip Iron Play “Mid Irons”

Tip: “Swing fully through the strike area; Right side round while clearing the left side”

Golf Coaching Tip Of the Tee “Driving”

Tip: “Correct Ball Position; Staying just behind the ball during weight transfer”

Tip for Greenside Bunkers; Ball further forward in the stance so we can hit the ball ‘heavy’ and allow the sand to push the ball out. Aggressive follow through with very open club face.

Tip for Fairway Bunkers; Ball back in the stance so we can hit down and through the back of the ball. Striking Ball first before sand and played like a punch shot.