Logos and Christianity

Logos and Christianity

What is a Christian and why do they want to help?

A true Christian is someone who has opened their heart to God, our creator and accepted the fact they cannot justify themselves to him without understanding the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ.
In other words, we accept Jesus has paid the price for us to cover God’s standard of perfection.
That may seem kind of heavy stuff to start with but it’s as good a place as any.
A perfect sacrifice to take care of every shortcoming and the best part is that it covers everything from our past, present and even our future. You may think this sounds too good to be true but it’s really the only way God could offer everyone salvation so there are no loose ends.

Our job is not to convert anyone

Our job is not to convert anyone and this is too often misunderstood with the Christian faith.
All we can do is share our faith and experiences with the hope individuals will then want to know more of who they truly are as a creation.
God is the only person who can change hearts and opening up to him is where the real change begins.

You begin to think more along his way rather than your own, demonstrating genuine care for yourself and those around you.

Christians are in no way perfect

Christians are in no way perfect and we still make human mistakes but we continually strive to take on board what God has for us.
We want the best for ourselves and those around us and despite falling down or making a mess of it, we pick ourselves up and start again.
Remember, everything has been taken care of by God himself.
We are covered by the sacrifice of the Son for the rest of our lives and we just want to let everyone know the truth of who we really are.
If you had the cure for every disease known to this earth, would you keep it a secret? 

As Christians, we are here for you if you need us and only want to help.