Dundonald Links Golf Course

Logos Friendly Event at Dundonald
27th July 2021

dundonald links friendly

We’ve had some terrific weather recently and I was really hoping that the turn wouldn’t happen till after Tuesday 27th.
Fortunately, we had a lovely day on the west coast with some cloud cover and sunny spells but not so sure the east coast got off so lightly. A real blessing to be on the right coastline and unusual for the forecast to be so wrong 24 hours previously.

Our Logos Friendly event at Dundonald was supported by 6 players including myself, and they consisted of Alan Tait (Golphin), Craig Ronald (Carluke), Nigel Scott-Smith (Palacerigg), Scott Catlin (Affordable Golf) and our host David-Ross Nicol (Dundonald).
The new clubhouse is not quite ready but we were able to sit at the new halfway house on arrival and David-Ross gave us a short tour of the new lodges built. Mainly targeted at foreign visitors they cost £1000 per night for 4 people and that’s not including golf.
Really top-end facilities that will be used once restrictions lighten up but not for your average Joe Bloggs, and it made me feel I was one of the privileged to be able to play at a venue like this without any cost.  

After throwing the balls up on the putting green I was playing with Alan and Scott. Not much in the way of new conversation but the one thing we have in common is that at one time or another we all worked at Westerwood in Cumbernauld.
Scott worked there in the late ’90s before our arrival with Alan and I following on in the early 2000s.

We always have stories and good memories about a place that has never really got the recognition it should have due to course conditions and lack of financial support.
Just another example of how courses these days seem to be either High end or Low end with very little in between, green fees £25 or £125+.
I don’t mind looking back but I’m very conscious that the person I am now is very different to the person I was then and although I allow the guys a fair bit of latitude when telling stories I’m always quick to say that I’m a lot wiser now than I was then, we all are, but my path now is far better.
I also believe they can see it even though they hold back from talking about the important stuff. 

We had a really enjoyable game and apart from a few errant tee shots I’m striking the ball much better but Scott and Alan were slightly ahead of me in how consistent their game is and I’m at least half a dozen shots away with these guys as they play more than I do.
Both Scott and Craig came out on top with 37 Stableford points (1 under) and if I’m being honest Scott could have been 5 or 6 under if he could hole his 10 footers. 

 The boys are really appreciative of these events and they commented on how it’s nice to have a competitive game, some food, and chat ‘freely’ without having to be too PC.
I always say to them that I’m there if they need me for anything or want to chat and they acknowledge the sentiment but still don’t really go there.
One of the reasons we have a bite to eat afterwards is that I want to show Christian hospitality in one of its truest forms which are inviting someone to share a meal where there is no obligation, simply the offer of food, company and listening.
Sometimes being there for them is enough for now and if we’re there often enough eventually we’ll be called upon.
Vincent Brown, PGA Professional and Logos Golf Ministries Scotland

Feedback from the day:

Morning Norman / Ewen,

I hope this finds you both well.

As Vincent mentioned, I asked him yesterday for your details just to say a big thank you to all 3 of you for supporting these events.

I think it’s fantastic that myself and a few of my fellow golf professionals can get together for good company on great venues, with a little bite to eat after.
Regardless of the numbers, I firmly believe it’s good for all of us to meet up and enjoy some fresh air, banter and exercise in our beautiful country.
The fact we can all win a little bit of prize money is just an added bonus and very appreciated by all the boys.

Thank you very much again for everything, and I look forward to taking part in more events in the future.

Best wishes,

Alan Tait 

Managing Director UK & Ireland / Fellow of the PGA


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