Logos Golf Ministries Scotland at Falkirk Tryst

Logos Golf Ministries Scotland
Golf Day at Falkirk Tryst on 26th August 2021

Our first main outreach event at Falkirk Tryst Golf Club had 28 attendees including myself and my fellow trustees. Our Christian friend and Falkirk member Ewan Forgie helped to organise the day and made sure we were well looked after with food and golf provided at a very low cost.
My good friend and PGA colleague Steven Dunsmore is the Head Professional at the Tryst and as always was very accommodating with prizes and equipment supplies required.
A great club to be involved with and they make you feel like part of the family any time you visit.

The idea for a day like this is to have Christians bring Non-Christians along if possible so we can share our faith through interaction during the day and a short talk afterwards. We had approximately 25-30% Non-Christians which was encouraging, and this could have been more if there hadn’t been some late call-offs.
A positive start to the day beckoned with a warm sunny day forecast and this did not disappoint with temperatures reaching the mid-70s. Almost a perfect day for golf!

falkirk tryst sign

After moving a few of the groups around due to the late withdrawals, I was playing with Ewan Forgie and two gentlemen who have attended our Pro-Ams before, David Merriman and Peter Siviter. It was an all Christian group and both David and Peter are good friends with LGM Scotland Trustee, Ewen Peters. 

We talked quite a bit regarding growing the ministry with the use of more days like these and it is our intention to eventually host around 4 outreach days per year, 2 of which being PGA Pro-Ams. The key to these days is to share our faith in such a way that Non-Christians don’t feel press-ganged but are in a relaxed environment open to hearing a positive message. I also believe that we are there to encourage the Christians as well and they may even leave the events feeling uplifted and share something they’ve heard either at work or at home. 

We had a really enjoyable game and I was happy to give a couple of the guys some minor tips to help their golf but we just finished out of the team prizes despite a strong finish. It’s really encouraging for me to have such good supporters on our side and the fact they want to keep supporting future events and are of the same line of thinking is a real blessing. I was speaking after the dinner and prize-giving and had a very clear message to convey which was confirmed by the company I had during our game.

After a great meal my colleague Ewen Peters gave a bit of background on our journey from Logos Golf Ministries to Logos Golf Ministries Scotland and this led nicely into my talk which emphasised God being the missing part of our lives.
With the world being in such a mess it’s due to many people trying to plug that missing part with other things and the result is what you see today.
God has already shown us that death is not the end, and when you look around at his Creation he is definitely someone worth listening to if he is capable of everything we see here on earth and the stars above. We simply need to open our hearts to him and let him fill the ‘God-Shaped’ part that’s missing. 

The message was received well and we all felt this was a new beginning for the ministry being the first main outreach event that we’ve been able to hold as LGM Scotland.
It was a great day all round and we now look forward to more of the same with more people attending as we trust in him.

We keep going,
Vincent Brown,
Logos Golf Ministries Scotland

Winners LGMS Falkirk Tryst
Winning Team

Winning Team: Craig Forsythe Norman Forsythe John Eland and Billy Mitchell

runners up lgms golf day Falkirk tryst
Runners up

Runners Up: David Randell, Andrew Randell, Luke Randell, Robin Duncan

Other Prize Winners:

Nearest the hole on the 8th hole: Peter Siviter

Nearest the hole on the 17th Euan McCrindle

Vincent during his short talk

Vincent Brown at Falkirk Tryst
Vincent Brown

Everyone attending the golf day was presented with a free Play Better Golf Handbook

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