The First Logos Friendly Golf Day of 2021

at Prestwick St.Nicholas

Prestwick st nicholas golf course

The first of our smaller Friendly series was at Prestwick St. Nicholas and despite only having 3 players it gave me a good opportunity to show some appreciation to the two Pros who have always supported our events.
Both Gareth Hardy (Prestwick St. Nicholas) and David-Ross Nicol (Dundonald) have hosted and attended several LGM Scotland events and I am extremely grateful to both of them for their generosity and kindness.

Before we started I gave them both a bottle of single malt each to show my thanks for their support as I felt this was important. They greatly appreciated that.

I’m not playing particularly well just now so it was nice to play with a couple of mates who understood my golfing struggles.
The day was more about me looking after the boys but Gareth did give me a couple of things to work on that he noticed while we were out. He and David-Ross were hitting the ball well and it can be difficult when you’re struggling with your own game while watching your playing partners doing it right. In spite of that, we had a really enjoyable time out on the course chatting and sharing a few stories, and the lads are always encouraging.
I never get too angry on the course as I learned a long time ago it does you no good, but I did keep my golfing frustrations in check by staying jovial regardless of my play. Nobody likes a moaner at the best of times, especially on the golf course! 
Even at dinner, we kept it going and had some great laughs and conversations over some fantastic food from the Club kitchen.

Both Gareth and David-Ross have played in our Pro-Ams, listened to our speakers, looked through the material on our website and know what we are about and trying to achieve;

“To promote the well being of golfers in Scotland, Professional & Amateur, while demonstrating the positive role of Christian faith”

They keep coming along, hosting events, doing what they can to help us and that speaks volumes in itself. I continually say to them how much I value their support and after dinner, I emphasized that we are also there for them.
Actions can speak louder than words and sometimes as Christians it is simply about being there and offering your company. I now have two really good friends in these guys which have been built over the past 4/5 years and hope this can continue further.

We keep going and praying.

Vincent Brown
PGA Professional

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